Oct 13 - 14, Edmonton, AB

Friday: Abundant Life

Saturday: Gateway Family Church


Intimacy. Be known.

Connect what's in your heart and share it with others.

Influence. Change culture.

Effect the culture of those you lead.

Impact. Leave legacy.

Achieve a lasting impact.


Have you heard recently "We are in a new season..." or "God is doing a new thing..." but have wondered ... ok that is great but what does it look like and how do I participate with that?

You may have even been feeling that what worked for years or decades just does not seem to be working so much anymore and you can intuitively sense a change coming.

Here at The Well Exchange we believe that the move of God we have transitioned from the church age into is the age of the heart. So what does that practically look like?

It's been said by many trusted global apostolic and prophetic voices that move of God we are currently in is going to be a nameless, faceless movement grounded in holiness, wholeness and rooted in character. Much like the most recent revival in Asbury, we will know the evidence of this move by the peace of God leading us.

In order to live from a place of holiness, we need to make sense of what our hearts believe and have experienced. We need to orientate and understand where we are in the journey of the heart. Once we gain this crucial understanding, we can grow more into the image of Jesus, revealing His true nature in us and transforming the culture around us.

Join us for the Heart Healthy Leadership conference where we will be hosting honest and vulnerable conversations about the journey and wholeness of the heart. Our speakers will be revealing their own journeys into wholeness with the Father and have honest conversations about what the process looks like, how you can embrace it and lean into your process and encounter peace, enjoyment and right alignment in relationships.


Some of the areas of conversation will include but are not limited to...

  • How to make sense of the trials of the heart and discern what God is doing and how you can participate

  • What is the heart that the bible speaks of and how we can trust our hearts

  • How to make sense of the journey that you have been on

  • Revelation and understanding around how our hearts impact who we are mentoring and what we are building

  • How to access your Heavenly Scroll and how to live from a place of what is in your scroll

  • What true heart forgiveness looks like

  • How to discern the difference between spiritual warfare and God doing a deep work in our hearts and bringing wholeness

  • Understanding the desires of the heart and to discern if we are living from a desire filled by God or a twisted desire

  • Revelation and understanding around what it looks like to be known by God in our humanity and wholeness journey

  • The difference between striving in your wholeness journey and what it looks like to have the Holy Spirit do a deep work in your heart

  • The Metamorphosis journey of the heart




This is a paid event for business, church and community leaders. This will be a time of connection and encouragement with our conference speakers. If you would like to register please click the button below. There are limited seats for the event as we are looking to keep the event intimate to provide space for connection and encouragement.


6:00PM - 9:30PM

LOCATION: Abundant Life


9:00am - Noon

2:00pm - 4:30pm

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Location: Gateway Family Church | 4310 Black Gold Dr, Leduc, AB T9E 3C3

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Speakers Bio's

Greg & Angela Frost


Greg & Angela have a deep heart for cultivating authentic community through vulnerability and creating a safe space for what is in the hearts of other to come out free of judgement. They are co-owners of The Well Exchange and serve business and organizational leaders with their unique approach to executive coaching. By utilizing a combination of intercession (rooted in listening prayer), Christian life coaching, inner healing, and prophetic revelation, they have seen many amazing testimonials of breakthrough in the lives and organizations of those they love and walk alongside. Much of what they offer was cultivated in their 8 years serving at UChurch, and from the many incredible mentors they have.

Greg and Angela met in Nashville, TN and have been married since 2016. They have 3 beautiful daughters and another child on the way (due early Feb 2023). They currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta. They have chosen to restore the home-front and have slowly become homeschoolers, casual homesteaders and choose to have work from home businesses. Angela is an American that loves warm weather, so living in Canada is an act of love for what God has in store of the nation.

Mark's passion is to see the reality of God’s nature revealed to each heart. His gifting, insightful perspective and unique calling allows him to draw out of each person, the life that is within them. He is known for his depth, energy, authenticity and humour He's discovered how our hearts can now meet the Fathers specific love for each of our specific needs - not only for healing but also for our growth.

Mark has many years of experience leading in local church, international Ministries and in business. He was in the senior leadership of Fatherheart Ministries for more than a decade and was the International Director till late 2021. He has spoken throughout the world in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Oceania with guest appearances on television and radio. Mark is married to Nikki and lives by the beach in New Zealand where he still gets to surf.

Mark Head


Trevor Meier


Trevor Meier grew up in small town Saskatchewan during the 1900’s - aka the 80’s - and distributes his friendly, hometown-vibe everywhere he goes. After deciding against pursuing a motocross career in California, he altered hispath and attended a bible school on Canada’s west coast. A family emergency called him back home where he finished his formal training and met the love of his life, Mel, whom he married in the spring of 1995. Trevor entered into full time ministry in 1994 and his momentum continues to expand. He carries a fierce energy to see the heart of God the Father unleashed on humanity while delving into the boundless adventures attached to a mystical life. He enjoys late nights, easy mornings, deep connections and releasing the impossible. Trevor is fully convinced of and intimately acquainted with a God who is for us. All of us.

Trevor along with his divinely gentle wife Melanie, call Alberta home. They have two stunning daughters, both in Health Care and a son who has a keen eye for vehicle restoration and is called to Business.

Josh joined the Gateway team in October, 2010. He is a second generation pastor, and has been involved with church and ministry for almost his whole life. Shortly after graduating High School, he attended Vanguard College from 2001-2005, and graduated with a BA in Youth Ministry. Josh has been leading worship since he was 16 years old, and has been in ministry to youth and young adults for over 10 years. Before his transition to Gateway Family Church, he was the Director of Eagles Nest Ranch and living in Medicine Hat. There he met his future wife, Katie-Lee, and soon after they were married. Katie-Lee grew up in Medicine Hat and has travelled the world with her missionary parents. She is passionate about hospitality, ministry to young women, and leading worship.

Josh and Katie-Lee are passionate about seeing our church filled with transformed people living out God's Kingdom on earth. They believe that individual and corporate intimacy with God through worship plays a quintessential role in seeing that happen. Josh is hungry to help cultivate a culture that seeks to represent Jesus in every way with lives fuelled by the power of the Holy Spirit walking in divine destiny through intimacy with God.

Josh and Katie-Lee have five amazing boys: Bennett, Elijah, Jackson, Ezra, and Reuben.

Josh & Katie Frey

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